Located in East Miami’s resort dominated sandy shores of Sunny Isles Beach, the 132-residential unit tower promises “luxurious living in the clouds” and accomplishes this level of premiere lifestyle in the luxury amenities designed, translated and integrated seamlessly into every facet of life in Porsche Tower.

Whether hosting family and friends, or business partners and prospective clients, the need for versatile lifestyle spaces designed in residential spaces as tenants increasingly blur the line between places of living, places of work and places of community is only growing as lifestyle connects these pillars of personal identity.

Sharing the luxury lifestyle in a world craving unique personal experience is exactly the question Sieger Suarez Architects and Michael Wolk Design Associates and Porsche Design solved in their approach to the luxury amenity integrated design they collaborated to perfect in the Porche Design Tower.

Selected by the Interior Designers, WineTrend engineer team set about realizing a small piece of the Porsche Tower lifestyle vision into a wine environment reality.

The unique challenge, how to appropriately frame and differentiate the private dining and meeting areas in an aesthetically distinguished system, while also functionally integrating a community focus to further bridge the gap between residential space and luxury lifestyle.

“WineTrend brought our vision magnificently to reality.” -Michael Wolk Design

WineTrend actualized the design solution: twin seventeen-foot secure, private wine locker walls that curve with the design of the Tower, reflect the natural floor-to-ceiling windows and ensure the wine is perfectly conditioned to provide a focal point for wine lifestyle.

During the Tower’s grand opening celebration, this prioritization of functional, beautiful design was on full display.

Guests sipped conditioned wine from the secure private wine locker wall, industry leaders communing in these private dining and meeting rooms occasionally turning to watch as the first-of-its-kind car lift system shuttled supercars to sky garages in residences that gazed out floor-to-ceiling windows over uninterrupted views of the Atlanta Ocean.

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Architect: Sieger Suarez Architects
Interior Design: Michael Wolk Design Associates
Interior Design: Porsche Design Group